Foreign journals

  • 1. An evaluation of the possibilities of using turboexpanders at pressure regulator stations

    Autorzy: A Osiadacz, M Chaczykowski, M Kwestarz,
    Journal of Power Technologies 97 (4), 2017, 289-294

  • 2. Power-to-gas technologies in terms of the integration with gas networks

    Autorzy: M Chaczykowski, AJ Osiadacz,
    Transactions of the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery 137, 2017, 85-103

  • 3. Dynamic control for gas pipeline systems

    Autorzy: AJ Osiadacz, M Chaczykowski,
    Archives of Mining Sciences 61 (1) 2016, 69-82

  • 4. Dynamic simulation of pipelines containing dense phase/supercritical CO2-rich mixtures for carbon capture and storage

  • 5. Comparative assesment of steady-state pipeline gas flow models

    Autorzy: Chaczykowski M., Osiadacz A.,
    Archives of Mining Sciences 57 (1) (2012) 23-38

  • 6. Exergy-based analysis of gas transmission system with application to Yamal-Europe pipeline

  • 7. Transient flow in natural gas pipeline–The effect of pipeline thermal model

  • 8. Sensitivity of pipeline gas flow model to the selection of the equation of state

  • 9. Computation of Hydrate Phase Equilibria and Its Application to the Yamal-Europe Gas Pipeline

  • 10. Comparison of isothermal and non-isothermal pipeline gas flow models

  • 11. Hierarchical control of transient flow in natural gas pipeline systems

  • 12. Dynamic simulation of gas networks by decomposition and coordination

  • 13. Numerical analysis of a method of transient simulation for gas networks

  • 14. Integer and combinatorial optimization

  • 15. The Hierarchical Optimisation Methods for Large Scale Systems - a literature survey Control Systems Centre Reports

  • 16. A comparison of a finite element and a finite difference method for transient simulation of a gas pipeline

  • 17. Method of steady-state simulation of a gas network

  • 18. Comparison between sequential and hierarchical simulation of gas networks. Part I: Dynamic Simulation of Gas Flow in a Single Pipe

  • 19. Comparison between sequential and hierarchical simulation of gas networks - Part I: Dynamic simulation of flow of gas in a single pipe

  • 20. The Application of non-Linear Optimisation Techniques to the Analysis of Gas Networks, Control Systems Centre Reports

  • 21. Comparison of numerical methods for steady-state simulation of gas networks

  • 22. Methods of steady-state simulation for gas networks

  • 23. Hierarchical simulation of transient gas flow in networks

  • 24. Comparison between sequential and hierarchical simulation of gas networks - Part II: Dynamic simulation of flow of gas in networks"

  • 25. Analysis of loop methods for simulating gas networks

  • 26. An Algorithm for Steady-State Optimisation of Gas Networks, Control Systems Centre Reports

  • 27. Power change of a stream of gas as an objective function for the control of large gas networks

  • 28. A simplified algorithm for optimization of large‐scale gas networks

  • 29. Dynamic Optimisation of Large Gas Networks Using Hierarchical Systems Theory, Control Systems Centre Reports

  • 30. Multiple criteria interactive control of the natural gas distribution network

  • 31. Simulation of transient gas flows in networks

  • 32. Optimal numerical method for simulating dynamic flow of gas in pipelines

  • 33. A Local optimization procedure for a gas compressor station

  • 34. Nonlinear programming applied to the optimum control of a gas compressor station

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