Packages for dynamic simulation

The package SimNet is a program designed to run in dispatch centres for monitoring and controlling the network and for any network simulation calculations performed "off-line".

SimNet runs in MS Windows environment and has a GIS graphical user interface standard. There are two versions of the software:

Features at a glance:


  • objects of the simulated network are placed on separate layers,
  • automatic error checking of input data required to perform the calculations,
  • the possibility of introducing other data unrelated to the current calculations, such as the description of the object, an external identifier, data for inventory, archive the results etc.,
  • testing the consistency of the graph,
  • Pipe catalogue

Presentation of data:

Other features:

  • GIS data import to the project file:
    • MapInfo (*.mif, *.mid, *.tab),
    • ArcView Shape Files (*.shp),
    • Arcinfo Export Format (*.e00),
    • Autocad (*.dxf),
    • Microstation (*.dgn),
    • Geographic Markup Language (*.gml;*.xml),
    • Digital Line Graphs (*.dlg;*.opt),
    • Census 2000 TIGER/Line (*.rt1),
    • Geographic Data Files (*.gdf),
    • SDTS Topological Vector Profile (*.ddf),
  • edit data layers the user, independent of calculations:
    • MapInfo (*.mid, *.mif),
    • ArcView Shape Files (*.shp),
    • Autocad (*.dxf),
    • Geographic Markup Language (*.gml;*.xml),
    • Digital Line Graphs (*.dlg;*.opt),
    • SQL layers – OPENGIS®,
  • import alphanumeric data with other databases through the mechanism of ADO / ODBC,
  • reports (printer, * .html, * .csv, * .txt, * .rtf),
  • printing maps,
  • Design and modification of the database from within the application (creating a new object's attributes).


Depending on the version of the software, the project is stored in a database or other SCADA system, for example- SQLight.

We offer the opportunity to extend the functionality of the application to the user's needs.

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