Optimization Software

While the simulation is the study of the behavior of the system under certain conditions, the results of which represent in many cases a source of knowledge about the possible reactions of the specific force, so much optimization is to find a solution that meets the conditions imposed by the user. The mathematical model of optimization task is formulated as the optimization (maximize or minimize) of a certain size (physical, technological or economic) called optimization criterion (indicator of quality, objective function) at the appropriate constraints. The latter, defining the generally acceptable range of technical parameters or resources exist in the model equations and inequalities, algebraic, differential or integral. The programs enable optimization, therefore, to find such system conditions or such structures in which the value of the quality indicator of this process or this structure will extremilize, while the parameters of the system will not exceed the limitations imposed on them. Depending on the model, optimization as well as the simulation is divided into static and dynamic.

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