SimNet SSWater

SimNet SSWater is a software package for steady state simulation of water networks. It enables simulation of water networks of any configuration and any pressure level.

Computational properties

SimNet SSWater is a computer program designed to simulate water supply systems of any structure under steady state conditions. The calculated network may have any number of sources with different pressures and flow rates, and any number of other non-linear elements: pumping stations (pump), tanks, valves and regulators. These elements may work with a setpoint value of one of the following parameters: inlet pressure, the outlet pressure, the compression ratio (reduction ratio), total pressure (pressure increase) flow. In addition, the network may have any number of valves, operating in the open / closed states.
Thanks to the simulation algorithms, we can greatly reduce the expenses on measuring equipment in water supply systems as well as obtain a complete and accurate information about the system. The results of the simulation are: the water pressure in the nodes, flow and decrease in the power and the average values: the speed, the Reynolds number, the friction factor in the pipes, the missing values of parameters describing non-linear elements and the mass of water in the network.


Package SimNet SSWater enables the following tasks:

  • performing a network simulation to analyze the response to the specific scenario or network configuration changes,
  • evaluation of the quality of work of telemetric system and measuring devices,
  • simulation in order to monitor the operation of the network,
  • issuing water supply assurances for future cutomers,
  • checking the operability of the network while repairing a selected part of it,
  • determination of the mass of water lost in the system due to a leak,
  • evaluate of the spare capacity of the network.
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