Terms and conditions of online shopping


  1. The blanks of the contract are properly filled in the order form, indicate your exact address and telephone number.
  2. The shop may refuse an order if the customer's data is incomplete, incorrect, you can not make contact with the client, his e-mail address is not valid.
  3. The price is binding and final price of the product is indicated on the side of the store at the time of order by the Customer.


  1. After placing an order customer receives a confirmation by e-mail, which is tantamount to accepting the order. The message is sent automatically. The acknowledgment is the order number, please use the contacts with the Store.
  2. Term of the contract up to 10 days and is counted from the date of transfer amount credited to the account store
    • not confirm by telephone the date of dispatch,
    • shop is not responsible for the prolonged delivery time, due to circumstances that are not dependent on it.


Polish Post


Money transfer


  1. Each client has the right to decide not to purchase within 14 days of receipt of the completed order. A statement of return.
  2. All shipments to the shop please contact us at
    Fluid Systems Ltd.
    02 - 201 Warszawa 124,
    skr. Box. 14
    Street. Opaczewska 43


  1. All prices on the store include VAT and are given in Polish zlotys.
  2. We reserve the right to make changes on an ongoing basis in the prices of goods on offer.


  1. We do not accept orders by phone and e-mail.
  2. Any data entered by the customer are not we shared with other companies or third parties without the knowledge and consent of the customer. The data are stored in accordance with the Law dated. August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data Dz. Laws No. 133, item. 883.
  3. The owner of the store is:
    Fluid Systems Ltd.
    02 - 201 Warszawa 124,
    skr. Box. 14
    Street. Opaczewska 43
    tel./fax. (22) 824 84 96
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