Simulation Programs

The main objective of simulation programs is to study the behavior of the fluid networks (heating, gas and water) under certain conditions. A solution to the system of equations describing the network for assumed loads and supply will give us answers to questions about pressure, flow and other motion parameters of the network in its specific points or elements. Simulation packages can be used to support the design and development of the fluid networks and to supervise ongoing operations. During the design and development of the network, it can calculate the number of variants of the project and consciously choose the solution that meets the criteria of technical and economic conditions. Simulation packages are divided into steady state and dynamic. The later one allows to calculate the values of selected parameters in predefined time. In the case of dynamic simulation, the number of input data necessary to perform the calculations is significantly increased in relation to steady state simulation because both the load and the supply are generaly functions of time. 

The use of simulation program allows:

  • examine the behavior of the network under certain conditions,
  • designate passages in which the network is overloaded (bottlenecks) and formulate guidelines for the process of modernization or expansion,
  • designate passages in which there is a reserve capacity,
  • evaluate the throughput capacity of the existing network and planned expansion,
  • seem to provide supplies (heat, gas, water) to future customers,
  • check the quality of the network during repairs selected or excluded due to failure of the network,
  • evaluate the performance of the system telemetry and measuring equipment,
  • reduce expenditure on equipment measuring the network by specifying the necessary number of measuring devices and their location (measurements in other parts of the system can be replaced with the results of simulation calculations).

Simulation programs:

  • The package for simulating static (commercial) software
    • SimNet SSGas - steady state simulation of gas networks
    • SimNet SSHeat - steady state simulation of district heating networks
    • SimNet SSSewage - steady state simulation of pressurized sewerage networks
    • SimNet SSWater - steady state simulation of water networks
  • Packages for dynamic simulation (commercial) software
    • SimNet TSGas - dynamic simulation of gas networks
    • SimNet TSWater - dynamic simulation of water networks
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