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For over 30 years Fluid Systems Ltd. develops software for hydraulic modeling of fluid networks (heating, gas, pressurized sewerage, water). Our first commercial program for steady state simulation of gas networks, developed in the early nineties, enjoyed great success in the industry. More than a dozens of software packages sold, have been tested and approved practically. The company's development has resulted in the expansion of the offer and we are currently a major supplier of simulation software packages for fluid networks on the Polish market . We offer the software for static and dynamic simulation and optimization of selected parameters of fluid networks.

In addition to these commercial software packages for simulation of fluid networks, the company offers a wide range of consulting services using proprietary software, which allows for, among others, technical analysis of the network, the study of widely understood hydraulic properties of the networks, the optimal selection of pipe diameters, optimization of the design of the networks, determining maximum capacity of the networks and pipeline leak detection and location. Our goal is to permanently maintain the innovation of our products and the continuous improvement and expansion of our range of services to meet customer expectations in consulting and pipeline management software for fluid networks. Since 1997 Company is registered in the Central Consultancy Register of DG1A in Brussels under number POL-22090. During the III International Forum “IP Management – The Key to Successful Economy”, Fluid Systems Ltd. was in the ranking of the 50 the most innovative companies in Poland and won the IPM PL “The Award of Excellence in Intellectual capital Management”.

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