SimNet SSHeat

SimNet SSHeat is a software package for static simulation of district heating networks. It enables simulation of heating networks of any configuration.

Computational properties:

SimNet SSHeat is a computer program designed to simulate the district heating networks of any structure and any pressure level under steady state conditions. The calculated network may be supplied from any number of heat sources at different temperatures and may be equipped with any number of other non-linear element, such as pumping stations and district heating substations. These elements can be operated with the required parameter values, such as input pressure, the output pressure, the pressure drop (the pressure increase - head), flow rate, temperature, temperature drop. In addition, the network may have any number of valves, operating in the open / closed states.

Calculations of the thermal and hydraulic properties of the network allow us to determine the heat loss in the system, profiles of temperature changes in the network, the required amount of available pressure and flow rates of water in the heat sourcess. During the simultaneous operation of the elements such as boilers, pumping stations, distribution networks and heating substations there exists the hydraulic interaction between the elements of the system. In a manner analogous to water networks there is a relationship between the amount of pressure at any point in the system, the flow rate of water in any portion of the network or in the pump, and the operating parameters and values of the heat load heating substations.


Software package SimNet SSHeat allows fulfilling the following tasks:

  • examine the behavior of the network under certain conditions,
  • assignment of the passages in which the network is overloaded (bottlenecks) and the formulation of guidelines for the processes of modernization or expansion,
  • assignment of the passages where there are capacity reserves,
  • determination of the heat losses occurring in the network,
  • issuing assurances of heat supply for future customers,
  • checking the operability of the network during repairs of selected or excluded part due to failure of the network,
  • evaluation of the performance of telemetric system and measuring devices,
  • measurement cost educton in the network by specifying the necessary number of measuring devices and their location (measurements in other parts of the system can be replaced with the results of simulation calculations).
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