SimLoad is a program that runs in MS Windows operating system, designed to determine the gas loads in service pipes. The data can include any number of service points and metering points. The program determines the real load based on actual consumption in gas network service pipes and taking into account the coefficients of uniformity.

The data for consumption

The term gas consumption should be understood as the amount of gas (volume at standard conditions) expressed in m3, which was measured by a measuring system in a given period of time determined by the date of the beginning and the date of thr end of the period.
Information on gas consumption registered by individual gas meters must be available in a format that allows them to be assigned to service pipes in the calculated network (network simulator).
The necessary condition for the correctness of the calculations of actual load of the network is the appropriate quality of the input data., Carefull preparation of the table with source data, trying to eliminate any errors, is essential. The program has a procedure for checking the formal correctness of the data contained in the record array before calculations are performed and identifies the information that should be corrected prior to make the calculation.

The coefficients of uniformity

The coefficients of uniformity are determined for specific units of time, such as day, month, year or any other interval of time. The coefficient is expressed as a ratio of the maximum consumption of gas with respect to average consumption. For the calculation of actual load networks, the coefficients of uniformity are used in the time specified in cycles: hourly, daily, monthly and seasonal or annual basis.

The value of the hourly coefficient of uniformity in daily cycle depends on the gas consumption, individually for each consumer.
Determination of the daily coefficient of uniformity in monthly cycle , where the analyzed period belongs to the heating season , is carried out assuming that the daily consumption of the gas is a function of outdoor temperature.
Determination of the monthly coefficient of uniformity in six month cycle (the heating season or summer season) is based on an average monthly gas consumption.

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