Consultative activity

Fluid Systems Ltd. specializes in the CFD calculation of fluid networks heating, gas, pressurized sewerage and water).

We carry out among others, simulations and optimizations required for effective management of fluid networks:

  • Examination of the behavior of the network under certain conditions
  • The calculation of reserve capacity of existing networks
  • Design of new and expansion of existing networks (selection of structures and pipe diameters, places to install non-pipe elements and determining the constraints for them) operation of the network (monitoring, control)
  • Software for Network Operator

The company also offers advice on transmission technology and distribution gas technology, dispatching systems for control of the networks: heating, gas, sewerage water. We offer consultancy services in the field of determining the optimal network structure and the optimal selection of pipe diameters . We have extensive proprietary software necessary to perform the work of the above. We assess the level of risk in fluid networks.

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