Packages for steady state simulation

Software package for steady state network simulation is an application incorporating GIS technology to store and display data, both are used for hydraulic calculations and any user data. There are four versions of the software: 

Features at a glance:


  • objects of the simulated network are placed on separate layers,
  • automatic error checking of input data required to perform the calculations,
  • the possibility of introducing other data unrelated to the current calculations, such as the description of the object, an external identifier, data for inventory, archive the results etc.,
  • testing the consistency of the graph,
  • Pipe catalogue

Presentation of data:

Other features:

  • GIS data import to the project file:
    • MapInfo (*.mif, *.mid, *.tab),
    • ArcView Shape Files (*.shp),
    • Arcinfo Export Format (*.e00),
    • Autocad (*.dxf),
    • Microstation (*.dgn),
    • Geographic Markup Language (*.gml;*.xml),
    • Digital Line Graphs (*.dlg;*.opt),
    • Census 2000 TIGER/Line (*.rt1),
    • Geographic Data Files (*.gdf),
    • SDTS Topological Vector Profile (*.ddf),
  • edit data layers for users, independent of calculations:
    • MapInfo (*.mid, *.mif),
    • ArcView Shape Files (*.shp),
    • Autocad (*.dxf),
    • Geographic Markup Language (*.gml;*.xml),
    • Digital Line Graphs (*.dlg;*.opt),
    • SQL layers – OPENGIS®,
  • import alphanumeric data with other databases through the mechanism of ADO / ODBC,
  • reports (printer, * .htm, * .csv, * .txt, * .rtf),
  • printing maps,
  • Design and modification of the database from within the application (creating a new object's attributes).


The project is stored in a Microsoft Access database. It is also possible to configure applications to project data, that were taken from the SQL database (eg. MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, InterBase®) through the mechanism of ADO / ODBC or dbExpress. This solution provides an overview of the project data placed on the database server by multiple users simultaneously.

We offer the opportunity to extend the functionality of the application to the user's needs.

For more information, download the pdf-s:

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