зарубежные конференции

  • 1. CO2 and Engineering

  • 2. Comparative Analysis of Selected Implicit Finite-Difference Schemes for Solving Systems of One-Dimensional Hyperbolic Equations

  • 3. Verification of transient gas flow simulation model

  • 4. Underground storage as an element of gas transmission system, ATW Society of Petroleum Engineers

  • 5. The Role of Gas System S.A. on the Gas Market in Poland, International Conference

  • 6. Structure of Distribution Gas Network Operation System

  • 7. Optimisation of High Pressure Gas Networks Using Generalized Reduced Gradient

  • 8. Comparison Of Isothermal And Non-Isothermal Transient Models

  • 9. Optimization of High Pressure Gas Networks

  • 10. Different transient flow models-limitations, advantages, and disadvantages

  • 11. Leakage Detection and Control

  • 12. Hierarchical Control of Transient Flow in Pipeline

  • 13. Optimization of pipe sizes for distribution gas network design

  • 14. Optimal Control of High Pressure Gas Networks by Two Different Methods

  • 15. Dynamic optimization of high pressure gas networks using hierarchical systems theory

  • 16. Optimal control of gas transportation systems

  • 17. Steady-State Optimization of Large Gas Networks

  • 18. Steady-state optimization of large gas networks

  • 19. Optimization techniques for large networks: gas and water

  • 20. A multiple criteria interactive control of the natural gas distribution network

  • 21. Numerical analysis of transient simulation in complex gas networks

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